How to overcome the 5 important problems of teachers which affect their effectiveness?

Written by Srikanth

December 14, 2020

We had earlier seen the skills needed for a teacher to steal the engagement of online classroom, but on a whole,

what is affecting their effectiveness?

Why do students of some classes get better grades than another classes?

Look into this article, as I try to explain the problems of teachers which affect their effectiveness and how to overcome them.

1.Lack of proper funding

Problems of teachers

The first and foremost problem that any teacher faces is the lack of proper funding from the management. The management always looks for cost-cutting measures to increase their profits and that can seriously affect the way a teacher tries to deliver his or her subject or it may increase the class size, which will hinder the teacher’s effectiveness.

When teachers try to do stuff, with the limited resources given to them, 90 percent of the time, it ends up below par with what they expect and how they expect, which will reduce their teaching effectiveness.

Sometimes when the class size increases, from say a thirty to a fifty, it becomes difficult for the teacher to manage the class, and parallelly teach the students. This is how a lack of proper funding may decrease a teacher’s effectiveness.

How to overcome the problem

The only way to overcome this problem is to find a middle ground between proper funding for teachers and managing good profits, but not at the expense of an increase in the cost of education.

Every year, the management has to sit down with the teachers, and find out the requirements of the teachers, and find a way to allocate the necessary funds.

2.Lack of passion for subject matter

The next important problem is the lack of passion for the subject matter. Some teachers join the teaching profession, just because they want to pass their time, or just for the money requirement. These kinds of teachers lack the passion for the subject and lack of passion for teaching.

Problems of teachers

A teacher with a passion for the subject is a person who can instill the learning spirit in the students. These kinds of teachers teach, just because they want to learn continuously and want to impart their knowledge to others.

Without the passion for the subject, a teacher’s effectiveness will be seriously affected, as they cannot deliver the subject effectively.

How to overcome the problem

There is only one way to deal with this problem. The teachers need to develop a passion for their subjects and try to acquire more knowledge in their subjects, which will effectively increase their teaching effectiveness.

3.Lack of student support

Lack of student support is a big headache for a teacher, which will affect their effectiveness. Assume that a teacher comes to a class, with proper ideas and a perfect plan on how to teach a certain topic, but the students do not co-operate, and create a ruckus, and do not allow him or her to go with her plans, what do you think will the teacher’s thoughts be?

Problems of teachers

He or she will probably think that the amount of time he or she spent on that topic was a complete waste of time. This will demotivate the teacher, and the next time, the teacher will not put in as much effort as he or she put earlier.

This will reduce the effectiveness of the teacher to a vast extent.

How to overcome the problem

To overcome this problem, teachers need to communicate their thoughts and the efforts they put into the students. Also, a teacher with a good passion for the subject and teaching will always find a way to teach their students, by starting off with a random story and then later developing the story into the subject. I have had many teachers, who have started a random personal story, and later infusing the subject into the story.

4.Working extra roles

Working extra roles is the big negative point for a teacher. The management sometimes wants the teachers to take up extra roles apart from teaching, making them a part of the administration. This seriously affects their effectiveness.

Problems of teachers

Suppose that, a math teacher who teaches for five classes, is given the extra work in the administration. Now she has two roles, to teach the students of the five classes, and also she has administration work. The pressure from the extra role will affect her way of teaching, and her students will find her teaching to be less effective than when she was just teaching, with no extra role.

How to overcome the problem

The only way to overcome this problem is to not give the teachers the extra role. The management should not always try to cut down the costs at the expense of excellent teachers.

5.No time to deal with bodily functions

Problems of teachers

The ultimate problem, that we will speak about is the lack of time to deal with bodily function.

The teacher has many extra works, then just teaching, like correcting papers, organize resources, allocate home works, and grade the home works, etc. This reduces the time for the teachers to take care of themselves. Think of this. They have to teach in the class, grade the test papers and assignments, and take care of the family.

Some teachers try to take up the job very very seriously, that they rarely take a leave. This will affect both the physical and mental health of the teachers. They do not realize the consequence. By the time they realize it is too late, and the damage is done.

When the damage takes a toll on them, it affects their teaching ability as well. This will highly reduce their effectiveness.

How to overcome the problem

The way to overcome this problem is to make sure that teachers get the time to give their bodies some rest, so they do not come in the way of their teaching. The teachers themselves need to understand the importance of taking care of their health. The teachers need to find a way to effectively manage their time.

Hope you are loaded with solutions for the above-mentioned prominent problems for teachers.

Did you face any of the above problems?

Please share your views on the article and also comment on the other problems, that a teacher faces that reduces their effectiveness.

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– Dr. Marcus Specht

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