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Our Courses

TechnoSchool curriculum is devised to build the skills of the students across a wide spectrum of different courses which under the categories listed below. Each category has a number of courses, each with the use of an associated software to work with. Each category also has courses across the different grade levels in schools.


We bundle up all the latest programming languages as courses with specific easy-to-use editors along with them.

Digital Design & Draw

We wrap up this painting compilation with fun-filled easy-to-use drawing and painting software for various grades.


We inspire students by making them experts in creating excellent animations


We offer a wide range of MS Office courses added with practical worksheets, templates and tests


Upper Primary

AI Powered

Indulge in a world of Artificial Intelligence and imbibe in the tactics of programming robot, the future of technology

Sprite Up

Catch up with the fun way of programming, building logics, puzzles and games, all the animated way.

Tech Turtle

Enjoy learning the program to move a turtle to draw logical shapes, solve maze and puzzles and much more on 2D drawing using the turtle


An introduction to ruby for the beginners, explain basic programming terminology, syntax and math operations.


Smart Programming

Build your skill to do simple and efficient visual oriented programming. Programming journey also includes programming structures, math and graphics.

It's Just Basic

Learn this simple yet powerful programming language which is a precursor to structured programming language. Train your mind to kick start with programming terms and syntax.


Equip your programming skills by learning and practicing the basics terms, conditions, structures and functions of programming language.


Visual Applications

Grab the basic standard programming visually and explore the ocean of creating visual applications


Get the crust of high level programming with much ease in syntactical aspect. Experience the extensive compilation of OOPS concepts.

Let Us C

Get the magnum of learning structured programming. A wide range of programming logics, structures, operators, loops, functions, arrays are bundles along


This course is a compilation of building block concepts that make the object oriented programming. Concepts are discussed in a simple and understandable way with comparison to real life objects.


Make your own 2D game with a powerful ground breaking HTML 5 game creator. With minimal lines of code create and publish your games online.


Upper Primary

Crazy stickman

Explore the world of stick figures by creating and editing stickman. Learn the basics of frames and animating frames to create movies and GIF.


Acquire the skills to create and animate a world of stick figures. Understand the basics of creating stop motion animation.



With this powerful and easy to use animator, you can create animated banner, button, user pics and GIF images for your website, presentation, email etc.


Lay hand on various animation techniques and tweening animation. Create real life animation with a plenty of tools and effects available.


Image Manipulator

This course gives a cross platform, high end image manipulation software with which you can do raster graphics, image retouching and editing, free form drawing, converting between image formats. Also concepts of drawing, tracing complex figures, image and text animation is a part of the course.

Digital Design and Draw

Lower Primary


Develop fine motor skill in craft amazing pieces of art using digital paint lessons for wards. Explore various tools and paint your imagination digitally.


Experience the interactive interface loaded with 100’s of photographic and cartoon stamps, other drawing tools and special effect tools.

Upper Primary


Make a perfect collage with multiple templates, frames, graphics, texts borders etc.



Build simple web forms very much like making coffee in a minute. With no lines of coding build forms by drag and drop method


Avail a full feature professional tool for designing, developing and publishing feature rich websites that conform with web standards.

3D Artist

Become a 3D artist by creating amazing 3D digital models for a wide range of drawings like architectural, interior design, landscape architecture, civil engineering.


LEGO bricks where you can avail ready go LEGO pieces instead of drawing each 3D component in the 3D drawing area.



Learn the most widely used language of the web from the scratch. Also experiment the creation of dynamic web pages with the latest scripting language.


From posters to packaging, basic banners to beautiful websites,unforgettable logos to eye catching icons, image manipulation keep the world moving. Enjoy intuitive tools and easy to use templates bundles.


Learn graphic designing enjoyed by millions of professional and design enthusiasts worldwide. This graphics software provides seamless design experience for graphics, layout, photo editing, tracing, web image, art and typography.


This course offers an insight on a dynamic and interactive server side scripting language that is widely used.


Video editing and VFX and all the power you need to make something cool. Take your first step towards pro film making with an amazing software.


Lower Primary


Develop fine motor skill in typing sentences and numbers digitally. Imparts touch and type skills in the ward by introducing the home row, first and the last row keys.


Experience the interactive course of keying in your thoughts a digital words. Invokes the creative writer in the kids and present their stories along with visuals.


Learning touch typing is to memorize the keyboard and create a mental map of the associated fingers in typing.

Upper Primary


Enables and imparts the digital presentation skill. Learn to prepare presentation with visuals, graphics, text, videos and animations. Also create custom animation for the presentation.


Encompass the skill of documenting digitally by creating, managing, editing, formatting and making lists in a documents. The document is easily saved, shared or printed.


Learn the basics of computer network categories and the real time use of wireless and wired network deployed across the globe. Acquire basic understanding of Internet networking and browsing.


Explore the easy to OS interface to organize file and folders in your personnel computer. Learn to create, manage, sorted via different criterions, and relocate file, folder and documents.



Learn the most widely used language of the web from the scratch. Also experiment the creation of dynamic web pages with the latest scripting language.


Excel in performing calculation, manipulation of text and numerical data based on grids. Learn to do conditional formatting, sorting, filtering and represent numbers as graphical charts.


Acquire an in-depth knowledge on computer memory management, User interface and system security. Also learn system malware infection and effective antivirus usage.


Learn to build, publish web database effortlessly for individual user or small team. With this tool create custom table, queries, form, and generate reports efficiently.


Experience a full featured course that encompasses a powerful Navigator and Stylist tools make changing the formatting throughout a document and include a huge number of statistical and scientific functions, pivot tables and charts.



Enjoy a feature-rich multi-platform office productivity suite. Learn a presentation tool that allows to create and modify diagrams and pictures right within the application and a full spreadsheet functionality incl. a huge number of statistical and scientific functions, pivot tables and charts.
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