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6 Must follow rules to be the best teacher

6 Must follow rules to be the best teacher

We all have had that one teacher in our schools, that every student loved.

Well, how did that one teacher become lovable by all?

It was simply because that teacher was the best teacher in the school? How come he or she became the best?

What did the teacher do differently to become the best teacher?

Closely following the best teachers of my school and college, I came up with a set of 6 must follow rules they followed, to be the best teachers. I have elaborated these 6 rules in the below paragraphs.

1. Have a positive energy

So, the first rule to be the best teacher is to have positive energy. You may ask, how does it help? When I looked at the best teacher in my school, the first thing I could notice was her positive energy and the way of looking positively at certain things that were not positive.

You may have come across many teachers, who would say to a student, that he would never be successful, or even hurl abuses at the students for being noisy. This kind of creates negative energy to the students.

Whenever such teachers come inside the class, the students will be unwilling to hear or understand what the teacher wants to say. To say simply, the students become rebels within the class.

This is something you want to avoid. As a teacher when you enter a class, be full of energy, more importantly have positive energy. You need to see the positive side of things and try to be supportive of the students.

When you have positive energy, the students start to wait for your class. The best thing that happened to them that day will be your class. This is what will make you stand apart from other teachers, and will make you the best teacher.

2. Never stop Learning

To be the best teacher, you will be needing to clear doubts of the students constantly. To be honest, most of the students will come to you, with random doubts, that may not seem sensible.

That is what I did, anyhow. When in college, I and my friends used to have completely silly and irrational doubts, and the only person we took our doubts about, was the best teacher we ever had, a math teacher?

Whenever, we went to him, with our silly doubts, he never frowned upon us. He took the time to clear our doubts. Sometimes, when the doubts were logical and reasonable, but he did not know the answer, he would try to clear that, by asking his mentor, or by learning about that, by reading some book.

That was the reason, he was the best teacher, we came across during our college days. He never stopped learning. He learned for himself, and for us.

3. Expect something from every student

Another rule, you need to follow to become the best teacher, is to expect something from your every student.

Some of the teachers, have their favorite students. But when I closely watched the best teacher of m school, she never had one favorite student. She expected something from all of us. She expected one of students who fail in all the exams to get 70 marks minimum in the next exams. And she not only expected. but made him believe that he could get those marks. And Rightly so, he got marks in the range of 75 to 80 in the next examinations.

So that is what made her the best teacher. She expected something from every person, and as she was loved by everyone, they put in their efforts to give what she expected of them.

4. Encourage your students

When your student does something good, for example giving a good speech in front of the school assembly, praise him. Encourage him to do more stuff like this.

When an average student tries to become a topper, encourage him, and when he succeeds, make him feel proud on his achievement.

But you should not praise the student when it is not due. Value your encouragements. Give it to those who try something and actually gets better at it. Students should feel happy that you praised them, because you praise only those who did really good.

5. Love what you do

You can only be good at something, when you start to love it. And you can be good at teaching, only when you start loving the teaching job.

When I asked my math teacher once, why he choose to teach, he said ” I love to teach. When I teach, I know that these students are going to be the future, and I get to shape them. So, When I teach, I shape the students life as well as the future of the world”.

When you love to teach something to others, you start to learn more about it. The more you learn about, the more passionate you become. When you start to get passionate on the subject, you will naturally become the best teacher.

6. Have a good sense of humor

Students do not remember most of the talks you have with them. But they remember, the fun they had with you. Humor reduces the anxiety and stress of both the teacher and the student.

If you look back, you may not remember most of your teacher, but you will surely remember your funny teachers and the fun you had with them. When you start to remember the fun, you will also start to recollect the life lessons the teacher gave to you.

Having a good sense of humor, will take you a long way. Humor is the adhesive which makes the students to bond with the teacher.

When your students bond with you, they are more probably to wait all day for your class. Then when you implement the other five rules, you become the best teacher.

The student teacher relationship is the one that guides a student towards success. Most of the student parents, believe that the teachers will show their sons and daughters the way to success. To make your students to move towards success, you have to be the best teacher. To be the best teacher, just try to follow the above rules, and you will be good to go.

Always remember, the future is in your hands. To make it or to break it is your decision.

“The Students of the future will demand the learning support that is appropriate for their situation or context. Nothing more, Nothing less. And they want it at the moment the need arises. Not sooner, Not later. Mobile will be a key technology to providing that learning support”
– Dr. Marcus Specht

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