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5 Advantages of ICT in education

5 Advantages of ICT in education

In the middle ages, humans have tried to discover how to change ordinary metals into gold. They tried mixing up the different metals. These people were called alchemists, and the way they tried to change the metals into gold was called alchemy. Now that age has gone...

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6 Must follow rules to be the best teacher

6 Must follow rules to be the best teacher

We all have had that one teacher in our schools, that every student loved. Well, how did that one teacher become lovable by all? It was simply because that teacher was the best teacher in the school? How come he or she became the best? What did the teacher do...

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What type of courses are available in TechnoSchool ?

Courses across various ICT domains like programming, animation, digital design & draw, productivity and computer ethics.

What methodology does TechnoSchool offer ?

TechnoSchool’s methodology is completely based on four predominant aspects of education.

Who all are your clients ?

We cater our product to schools of various educational boards across the globe.

How is the TechnoSchool model of learning different ?

Our effective model of learning emphasizes on learning by practice and example.

What is your expertise in this business ?

We are providing ICT Solutions to schools for more than 15 years

What are your deliverables?

We Provide teaching aid, computer based tutorials for teaching and interactive courseware, practice templates for learning and also activity book and practice test for verifying

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