5 Essential Skills For Teachers To Steal The Entire Online Or Offline Classroom Show.

Written by Anirud

November 15, 2020

We must consider a country with the highest number of teachers as the World’s powerful country.

Teachers sculpt the students with their knowledge as a chisel, and their delivery as a hammer over the chisel.

Practically, kids during their learning phase spend around 75 percent of their active time in school with the teacher. 

So, the role of the teacher is not only to teach the subject but also to equip them with a respectful attitude, behavior, discipline, and intelligence.

But to do all these, a teacher needs the student’s attention. According to the casual survey conducted among teachers, we found that most teachers are struggling to grab the student’s attention. 

Is this a sign of an “Attention deficit”?

No. The students have a lot of distractions, which pull them to various thoughts instead of concentrating on one.

Teachers may not able to help the students get rid of their distractions. But can make them attentive by developing some essential skills.

Yes, every teacher can steal the student’s attention with these essential skills for teachers. Let us explore the essential skills for teachers.

1. Adaptability Quotient -The first essential skill for teachers.

Everyone knows about IQ.

But what is AQ?

5 Essential skills for teachers

Once people believed in the Intelligent quotient and after a while, the Emotional Quotient took a lead over IQ.

Now, this the era of “Adaptability Quotient”.

It purely depends on how we adapt ourselves to different situations in a particular interval of time.

But why a teacher needs “AQ”?

Because of the constantly changing situations, student’s requirement, student’s learning capability, and other factors, a teacher must have a high adaptability quotient to grasp the entire environment and to proceed depending on the need.

This will help every teacher make students attentive throughout the classroom session.

2. Persuade students.

5 Essential skills for teachers

“Whatever I teach, my students always reacts with a doubtful face”

Is this your concern? Did you face a situation like this?

Then you need to develop your persuasion skills.

Most people think persuasion skill is necessary only for salespersons. Yes. Salespersons must have persuasion skills to close a sale. 

But take the interview scenario as an example, a student sitting in front of the interviewer, puts all his efforts to make the interviewer believe him. Here this process comes under persuasion.

Likewise, everyone needs persuasion skills in some point of time.

But why a teacher needs it?

A student’s attention is directly proportional to his trust over the subject and the teacher teaching the subject.

A teacher has to persuade a student to create a trust in the teacher and the subject.

Here, persuasion plays a major role in bringing trust into the picture.

Apart from all these, teachers themselves need to persuade the principal and other interviewers to get a job as a teacher.

So, persuasion skill is one of the most essential skills for teachers.

3. communication of thoughts.

5 Essential skills for teachers

Whatever we know, we need to communicate our knowledge properly to the students. 

But is it possible to communicate our thoughts to all the students with 100 percent efficiency?

In reality, it cannot be possible as the grasping power of students varies based on their ability.

But we can communicate the concept with over 90 percent efficiency. 

Here, the communication skills come into play. Communication skills always come along with language proficiency. Though, that is not the only aspect of the skill.

The way we communicate and the selection of words plays an important role in effective communication despite language proficiency.

So, every teacher must learn to improve their thought process, which while converting into words, must make the communication most effective.  In this way, “communication of thoughts” is one of the essential skills for teachers.

4. Leader of Time.

“I expect my students to submit the assignment on time”

This is what most teacher expects.

“Oh! Sorry. I forget about your doubt. Will refer and solve you tomorrow.”

5 Essential skills for teachers

This is what most teacher says to their students, at least rarely.

We always expect something from our students, but we forget to be an example. If we want them to follow our orders, we have to follow those initially.

From the above example, we expect students to work on time while we are finding excuses.

Another familiar example: ” A teacher taking extra time after the class hours to complete the syllabus”

Here comes the concept “Leader of Time”. 

Every teacher must plan the time accordingly that must imply they are best in time management.

This automatically attracts the students to follow. 

How time management improves student’s attention and classroom efficiency?

With proper time management skills, a teacher can make a student complete the task in time. As they are constraining the time, a student may not get a second chance to cross verify the tasks with their friends, which forces them to be attentive in the classroom.

So time management is one of the most essential skills for teachers. Let us manage time to teach the students about the importance of time management besides the subject.

5. Subject expertise.

5 Essential skills for teachers

Finally, subject expertise is an important skill without which a teacher cannot face a batch of students. 

But most of us believe that by reading the syllabus and prepare content related to the syllabus based on the recommended textbook, we are providing the required value.

But the most important part is to update. We need to update our skills from out of the syllabus, but within the subject. 

This helps us to bombard with examples related to the field, which easily steals the attention of the student.

Most students like “learning from examples,” than “learning from theories”.

So, let us explore the subject and surprise the students with a bag full of real-life examples. 

With this, we explored the 5 most essential skills for teachers to steal the classroom. Let us practice these skills to empower the students with extraordinary efficiency.

In terms of online classrooms, a proper online learning platform is also necessary to support these skills.

Please share your views on the comment. Let me know some other essential skills needed for a teacher.

From these 5 skills, are you planning to learn or enhance any of the skills from the list?

Please register that in the comment.

“The Students of the future will demand the learning support that is appropriate for their situation or context. Nothing more, Nothing less. And they want it at the moment the need arises. Not sooner, Not later. Mobile will be a key technology to providing that learning support”

– Dr. Marcus Specht

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